About Us

Welcome to the Central Kentucky Online Television Network, CKYTV.NET. This ever growing network of online local TV channels serves the residents of Central Kentucky. Here you will find local news and information, live streamed local sports and events, plus locally produced programming. These channels primarily serve Boyle, Casey, Garrard, Lincoln, and Mercer counties, but can be watched anywhere in the world. So anyone virtually anywhere can keep up with what is going on in this area of Central Kentucky.

We have two main channels, CKYTV1 and CKYTV2, which contain a mixture of programming from all areas. We also have 5 county specific channels, where you will find live sports and events streamed to, plus you will also find 2 religious channels that carry local church services live and pre-recorded. There are also 2 live only channels, which allows us to show multiple live events, such as Friday night football from all the local schools.

Be sure to register with us, it is absolutely free, so you can keep up with the latest news, programs, and live streams on the CKYTV Network. Enjoy!